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We're hard candy crypto art - Delicious and self aware.

Fun and unbothered until you threaten reproductive rights, then we're comin for you guns-a-blazin.

With a portion of every sale going to fight for
abortion access, you can sleep well knowing that every collectable by Computer Cowgirls is a satisfying way to say "FUCK YOU."

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Molly Dicksonartist and founder

Molly is a fashion photographer and collage motion artist. Her commercial clients include Ferragamo, Bergdorf Goodman, Harpers Bizarre AUS, and Benefit Cosmetics.

She and her dog, Beans, call Texas home.

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Madisondirector of strategy

Madison is a former founder of an online marketplace for virtual movement and wellness. She’s a fully certified Pilates instructor, so in addition to rock hard candy crypto art, she happens to create rock hard abs. Previously to her biz career, Madison worked as a choreographer and performance artist and in 2017 as an artist in residence where she made an autobiographical duet for her and her mom. You read that right. Think Grey Gardens meets that new film about Jonathan Larson.

She is thrilled to join Molly as the Director of Strategy of Computer Cowgirls, marrying her passion for the burgeoning decentralized creator economy, brand strategy, culture, and robust online communities.

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Lead dev

Audrey is an educator turned software developer, who started her tech career as a Data Scientist working in Ai. She developed a teaching assistant powered by Ai that helps teachers plan more engaging lessons in less time. Her focus now is on building blockchain projects that are innovative and push the boundaries of web3.

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Babayagacommunity wrangler

Babayaga has been riding with the Cowgirls since the Snow Moon rose and the east wind blew. Before finding the Cowgirls he was lost, walking through the mountains and he wandered through the trees but Mabel lit a fire and now the Cowgirls are in his every thought.  

When he’s not laying in fields of blue bonnets, he’s gathering up orange blossoms to sell at the general store.

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