The 201 Original Collection is our genesis. Each of
the Cowgirls within the collection were hand collaged and animated by fashion photographer + collage motion artist Molly Dickson.

100% of proceeds from primary and secondary sales from this collection fund abortion access in Texas. The 201 Originals make no apologies for being a "FUCK YOU" collection (scan our barcode, Greg Abbott), and continue to be the heart and soul of Computer Cowgirls.

This collection is sold out, but 201 Originals are available on the secondary market.

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The Computer Cowgirl Lineup Collection
is a secondary collection to the 201 Originals. Each mugshot was airdropped to
original collectors, and are only available to the public on the secondary market.

Holding a Bad Habits Membership Club Pack is your pass to moving the needle on abortion rights in Texas and beyond while indulging in the computery-est COWGIRL community and web3 luxury brand.

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