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Armed with a decentralized autonomous organization and some cowgirl gifs, COWGIRLDAO seeks to fund organizations fighting for abortion access and send a giant FUCK YOU to anyone standing in the way.

The FUCK YOU Collection

What is the FUCK YOU collection?

The FUCK YOU collection is a response to the May 2, 2022 Supreme Court draft leak, revealing the intended overturn of Roe v Wade. In the days and weeks following, Molly Dickson (of Computer Cowgirls) created resistance art - with hopes of raising 3 million for organizations that provide abortion access across the country.  The FUCK YOU collection’s smart contract and art was donated to Endaoment, a 501c3 organization, allowing them to sell 10,000 FUCK YOU NFTs. All proceeds from FUCK YOU NFTs are received by Endaoment, and granted to charities with the advisement of COWGIRLDAO. COWGIRLDAO seeks to fund organizations that provide abortion access and send a giant FUCK YOU to anyone standing in the way.

- How much of the $3M will be donated? 100% of your purchase is received by Endaoment, a 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt organization providing a wide range of of philanthropic financial services, and granted to charities with the advisement of COWGIRLDAO. Only 1.5% of your purchase is kept by Endaoment. Click here to learn more about Endaoment.

COWGIRLDAO seeks to fund organizations that provide abortion access across the nation.

- Want to vote on how we allocate all funds raised? Please purchase a Bad Habits Pack on the secondary for voting rights -- you'll be able to vote from a select group of vetted, pro-choice organizations. This 10k mint does not grant you voting rights in the DAO at this time.

- How does voting work?  If you hold a Bad Habits Pass, then you are allowed one vote on any motions brought forth by either members from COWGIRLDAO or Computer COWGIRLs team. Our Bad Habits Club is tokengated in our Discord Channel, meaning that in order to be apprised of the motions and voting opportunities, you must hold a Bad Habits NFT. We register the motions on Snapshot currently, and the votes are recorded immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain.

- Want to spread the word?
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why cowgirldao?

COWGIRLDAO members are rolling up their sleeves and about to do actual financial and legislative damage to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, and all those other turds who have a shocking amount of impact on abortion access in Texas (and even the U.S.)

In 2021, Texas passed one of the strictest, weirdest, most wild west laws on abortion. In turn, other states have followed Texas's lead. These are strategic laws that could have disastrous consequences if they reach the U.S. Supreme Court , perhaps even the overturning of Roe v Wade.

If you care about reproductive freedoms because you know it leads to expanding economic freedom for minority communities -

If you care because you know STATISTICALLY restricting abortions does not STOP unwanted pregnancies, but SEXUAL EDUCATION does -

If you care because we have the right to determine our own futures, then joining COWGIRLDAO is for you, partner.

You should become a member if header

- You have an interest in key gatherings, rallies, and legislation around Texas abortion laws.

- You want to vote regularly on upcoming ways to use DAO funds.

- You like meetings in the metaverse looking like a COWGIRL.

Membership to COWGIRLDAO is currently only offered by becoming a member of the Bad Habits Membership Club that drops on April 8th, but we have plans to eventually open a DAO membership.

If you're interested in playing a bigger part of COWGIRLDAO, we'd love to hear from you.
Please email molly@savemolly.com

Info on current State of Texas Abortion Legislation:

Info on DAOs:

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