Holding a Bad Habits Membership Club Pack is your pass to moving the needle on abortion rights in Texas and beyond while indulging in the computery-est COWGIRL community and web3 luxury brand.

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good feely reasons
voting rights

for allocating DAO treasury
+ time

potential money

for work contributed or funded travel

selfish reasons

Metaverse Mints + Airdrops

2 gratis mints

to our Generative Project
(201 Original Packs Only)

most wanted list

Whitelist & Ticket to IRL + Metaverse Events

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Art Spaces and Entrance to the


on Creative Contribution for Future Drops

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201 Original Pack

Standard Pack

What do I get for holding a Bad Habits Membership Pack?
- Each pack allows access to one whitelist spot with discounted mint in future collections
- Access to future metaverse and IRL events
- Collaborative input in future projects
- Access to the best Cowgirl merch (IRL x digital)
- A vote and invitation to be a member of COWGIRLDAO, our project for affection pro-choice movements in Texas.
We do it Texas-style - more benefits will accrue to the collectors the longer they hold 'em, partner.

What was the original purchase price of the Bad Habits Pack?

What is the supply for the Bad Habits Membership?
123 Bedazzled VIP Passes
378 Pink General Passes

What is the difference between A Bedazzled VIP Pack and a Pink General Pack?
Bedazzled VIP Packs were airdropped to our 201 Original Collectors. In addition to all of the benefits of the Pink General Packs, Bedazzled Pack holders will receive 2 gratis mints to our upcoming 5,678 Generative Collection.

Is there a Discord only for Bad Habits Members?
Bad Habits Club members have access to a token-gated channel within the Computer COWGIRLS Discord community. As a Bad Habits Club member, you’ll have access to our community collaborative projects, IRL and COWGIRLverse events, upcoming drops, and more. You’ll also have access to our COWGIRLDAO channel, where we’re turning our abortion conversations into actionable realities.

What do you get if you hold Multiple Bad Habits Packs?
Benefits increase with every pack you hold (*with the exception of voting rights in Bad Habits Membership Club and COWGIRLDAO - which allow for one vote per member)

Where can I purchase a Bad Habits Pack?
The remaining supply of Bad Habits Packs will be held by the shared treasury for The Bad Habits Membership Club, but a few are still being offered on the secondary on Opensea. Come Join Us!

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